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I'm a retired newspaperman and public relations professional, catching up on my cycling and reading, while doing some light ranching and land restoration.

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I read a wide variety of fiction – historical, crime, thrillers, contemporary literature, science fiction, fantasy, and more. I do not read romances, teen or young adult fiction, Christian books, or vampire books unless your name is Bram Stoker.

I may be contacted through my blog My Own Private Idaho. Submit a request for me to review your book, providing information on genre as well as a brief synopsis. When you submit your book, tell me if you are an indie author.

If I accept your book for review, I will be honest in my appraisal. If I like your book, I’ll say so, and I’ll say why; I’ll do the same if I don’t like it. All of my reviews are published on Amazon.com, Goodreads, and LibraryThing, Indie books also will be recommended to Awesome Indies.

These sites require a “star” ranking, and so I provide them. Those rankings, however, are less useful than my critiques of plot, character, narrative, and writing style. I will comment on formatting, but I am death on sloppy editing. If you have any doubts about the merits of your book, you would be advised not to ask me to review it. Finally, I will make a recommendation to read the book – or not.

I generally read books on my Kindle, but will accept paperback and hardcover editions.

I do not charge for reviews, but as I do have a life, reviews will not appear instantaneously.

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